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Ibiza hosts the first delivery with drones

They will revolutionize the ‘delivery’ sector by sending food to yachts by drone. This will make contactless deliveries.It is a peculiar way of getting food from the restaurant to the yacht without getting off the boat. This is how it is done by drone in Ibiza thanks to a Galician company.

The drone sends them the luxury menu to enjoy the food through an application, through which the menu is requested. This is to revolutionize the ‘delivery’ sector.The user selects from his yacht what he wants to eat, places the order through the web or the application to a specific restaurant. Once ordered, you just have to wait for the food to arrive flying.

The restaurant receives the order and, once prepared, they are handed over to the drone operator. At that moment, the location of the boat is located, the order is placed on the drone and the delivery without the need for contact.

The service will begin to operate in some of the areas with a large volume of vessels from next August 1, where Ibiza has been selected to lead the project. The service is offered through an electric drone that the Galician company has developed to be able to send short-distance shipments. In addition, it offers a fast and silent service.

This drone has a speed of 32 knots along with a load and release system with a 20 meter reel. The objective is that in the future, the service is not limited only to meals.