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About us

D2Y is a franchise project that was born to be the most exclusive delivery service in the world and to ensure that the location of our users is never a limitation to be able to receive their favorite orders in record time, and that is achieved by looking to the future and bringing it to the present.

The delivery of the future is here with Drone To Yacht

D2Y is the most exclusive delivery service and is also the first real food delivery service with drones in the world. With the D2Y app you can easily access your favorite stores in your area, place your order and receive it flying. This is possible thanks to the direct and fast connection between users, locals and our fleet of transport drones that deliver your order flying.

The project was born from the collaboration of leading companies, which today make the delivery of the future a reality and put the delivery of the future in your hand. It is also a service designed according to our firm commitment to the environment and sustainability.

Become a member of the most exclusive franchise in the world.

Our pillars







Just place your order with D2Y and, do not get lost, it will arrive flying

What D2Y offers you as a user

  • Comfort
  • Quickness
  • Ease
  • Privacy
  • Exclusiveness
  • No matter where you are
Dronetoyacht está lleno de ventajas

What do establisments value

Dronetoyacht está lleno de ventajas
  • Premium service for their customers
  • Differentiation
  • New channel
  • Delivering where they could not go before